About Us

Welcome to Virtual Khalifa Airways! We are glad to have you here as a pilot, and I hope you guys enjoy what we have to offer, which will range from our in-house and Infinite Flight Community Events to our upcoming Career Mode! There are plenty of programs to keep you, our pilots, interested along with the freedom to fly whatever route, with whatever aircraft, according to your rank and at any time you wish to fly! So, thank you, for being a pilot amongst our ranks here at Virtual Khalifa Airways! Virtual Khalifa Airways strives to provide a realistic experience for our pilots from our many ranks to the aircrafts available. KZW pilots have the ability to enjoy a vast network of destinations and routes that ranges from carrying passengers to cargo. We focus on the inclusion of everyone and aim to offer a strong family feel to our members. We simulate our real-world counterpart and have a large number of routes available to our pilots that takes them all over the globe. With the implementation of various codeshares within the Star Alliance in the near future, our list of routes is ever-growing. In addition to our simple ranking system, we also offer our pilots different awards for various achievements as they grow within our virtual airline. Ranging from a unique medal for an outstanding number of flight hours or other achievements, these awards give way to a healthy source of competition amongst our pilots and keeps members flying at all times.